Monday, May 18, 2009

No Exit

You know, it's really not hard to construct an invincible armor-plated worldview, closed from the inside and possessed of an uncontestable answer for everything. All it takes is a modicum of ingenuity, and a solid dose of anger, rigidity, and an unyielding steely will.

Still, the mere fact that you've managed to construct such a worldview-- invincible, closed, uncontestable-- doesn't mean your worldview is correct, any more than the mere fact that you're constipated means you're not full of shit.

I'm astonished at the people out here in meatspace-- academics, campus Marxists, Jehovah's Witnesses, militant atheists, conspiracy mongers-- who just don't understand this. "But I've got an unanswerable argument for everything! My viewpoint is bulletproof! Doesn't that... mean... mean that I've just got to be correct?"

No it doesn't, Bunky. Pay me to do it, and I could produce worldviews like yours, bulletproof worldviews, by the dozen. Bulletproof doesn't mean they're correct. Bulletproof is merely a formal property of some worldviews, and not always a desirable property, either.

I'm even more astonished at the prevalence of such people in cyberspace. What is it about online discussion forums that draws such bulletproof wonders in such disproportionate numbers?

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