Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chicken BBQ

Sunday we had our annual Chicken BBQ dinner at church. The men set up large barbecue pits in the shelter out back, got the charcoal going, readied the chicken and set it atop the barbecue pits in big wire frames holding dozens of chickens apiece. The ladies got things ready down in the church basement where people would come to eat, and they prepared the beans, the potato salad, what not. Take-outs were dispensed from the garage of the parsonage. And there was also a bake sale, with house plants and the like, and a raffle.

I bought several house plants early on. Given my rate of success with plants, I need to pick up new house plants any chance I get.

The dinner started at four in the afternoon. It was supposed to run until seven, but in fact we sold out all our chicken by 6:30. Oh well, the last hour of these church dinners is usually fairly slow anyhow. And if we sold out, that means we served something like 500 meals.

Meanwhile, here I sit on a Tuesday, with several new plants in pots atop the bookcase to the left of me.

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