Monday, May 18, 2009


About a year ago I got a couple of pots of ferns. Set them in a wicker planter in my living room, by an east window. Watered them some. Oops, don't water them too much! I think I did water them too much. They did okay for about six months; then they shriveled up and died.

So a month or two ago I got a couple more pots of ferns. Huge pots of ferns, at one of those big chain-store home building supply centers. Took them home, set them in the wicker planter. This time I took care not to water them too much.

And, however many weeks later, some of the fern fronds are doing fine, while others-- probably the majority of them-- have shriveled up and died. Already. So I weeded out the ones that are dead, and I see that some new ferns are starting to grow up out of the pots. We shall see if this time watering them even less does the trick.

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