Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So about mid morning today I started getting a headache. I've been getting these headaches occasionally for decades now, ever since I was in grade school. Always on the same side of my head, and often accompanied by nausea. No, I've never been diagnosed (my longtime disconnect with doctors is a story for another time) but if you think that sounds like a migraine, I'd say you're probably right.

My headaches often come on when I slow down, after a stretch of hard work. Well, today I was slowing down at long last, after a couple of hectic weeks punctuated by a long drive yesterday to attend a meeting quite some distance away.

By the noon hour my headache had grown so severe-- more severe than usual-- that I had to take off from work for the rest of the day. (Fortunately I work a job where, busy as I often am, my schedule is largely at my own discretion.) Spent the afternoon lying flat on my back in bed, unable to focus, unable to think, just passing from one necklace-bead moment to the next.

Now the headache has passed over, to be replaced as usual by a peculiarly lassid and spaced-out state of consciousness. Not at all unpleasant, though what I have to pass through to get here is sheer hell.

Oh well. Tomorrow it's back in the saddle, a long day, with one extra task shoehorned in which was originally intended for this afternoon.

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