Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, having Memorial Day off yesterday, I dove into a task I've been putting off now for weeks: I installed a new Linux release on my laptop. Mandriva Linux 2009. Well, okay, maybe not so new; but I prefer a release that's had more of the bugs worked out of it.

Mandriva 2009. Replacing Mandriva 2008. I made proper precautionary backups, not that I expected to need them as I wasn't touching my /home partition; but, you know, just in case. Backed up various config files. And then booted up off the installation DVD, and began the harrowing process of reformatting my root partition, installing Mandriva 2009, and then downloading tons of updates. The installation proper took less than half an hour; the updates took nearly six hours.

I've got today off too, so today I'm going to be configuring everything back to the way I'm used to. And already this morning I've made good progress on that. Not so hard, this is about the sixth time I've done this now. When I'm finished, I'll have a laptop running under Linux which is fine-tuned for me and my assorted purposes.

And say! I now have wireless capability in Linux for the first time. 'Twouldn't work in Mandriva 2008, I suspect my wireless card was still too new when that final came out. But it works just fine now. No longer is my websurfing tethered to my study. I may have brats out in the back yard this evening, whilst farting around on the web...

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