Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So What If You're Right?

I'm always amazed at people who invest so much emotional energy in being right. You know, arguing, "proving" that they're right, patting themselves on the back for being on the correct side of some pet issue, and especially basking in the warm glow of demonizing and scapegoating their eeeevil opponents.

I mean, so what if you're right? I really don't care.

Go ahead. Be right. Meanwhile I'll be getting back to living my life-- my way and not your way, thank you-- living my life, ignoring your feverish spittle-flecked rodomontade, and in general conducting myself as if your pet issue doesn't even exist, as indeed it probably doesn't outside the hothouse imagination and angry Internet debate forums of you and emotionally maladjusted aspie misfits like you.

So what if you're right? So what if you're an argumentational legend in your own mind? I really don't care. And tomorrow the sun will rise in the east, as usual, entirely without reference to you and your frenzied manias.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I've been troubled now for three weeks with earworms. You know, earworms -- music that gets stuck in your head, and it keeps playing over and over again, and you can't get it to stop.

It started one Sunday in church when we sang a hymn which somehow got lodged in my mind. Over and over and over it played, for several days.

Then the song changed, and a different tune was stuck in my mind. Every few days the music changes. Sometimes it's a popular song. Sometimes it's classical music. At the moment, I can't get Chopin's Nocturne out of my head. Often it sounds as if the tune of the day is being played on an accordion.

I've been afflicted with earworms on occasion before, but never, I think, for as much three weeks at a stretch. Really, is there some way to get the music to stop?!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Down the Tubes

Over at Taki's Magazine, Jim Goad on The Retarded State of Public Debate... omg, I wish I'd written this piece myself! The idiocy of the wrangling between partisan factions over the whole debt-ceiling fiasco, each side convinced that the other side is the locus of all evil, and neither side willing to face up to the fact that this country and its entire financial and economic structure is rapidly going down the tubes...
Since there will be no happy ending, this weeks-long 'debate' boiled down to a drunken saloon argument over whether we drive into a brick wall at 85MPH or 95MPH... Everyone with two neurons to rub together seems to know in their guts that this country is in an irreversible free-fall. Though few seem willing to admit it, most probably suspect that things will get much worse and that this debt-ceiling agreement will only be a Band-Aid on a severed limb.
Preach it, brother!