Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stemming the Facebook Tide

I just happened across a solution to a problem that's been irking me for some time. Namely, three of my several dozen Facebook friends are responsible for a good 95% of the posts that confront me every time I check Facebook. And these three individuals are all addicted to posting a veritable crapflood of rigid angry ranting fanatical political items.

I don't want to unfriend them, and I don't want to miss the occasional genuine message they may post. But neither do I want to have to scroll down through endless turgid insane extremist bilge to find the few personal items that are of interest to me.

Yes, I've already long since blocked Farmville and Mafia Wars and whatnot. But Facebook won't let you filter by content for politicized insanity.

However, I've found a beautiful solution: a Firefox add-on called F.B.Purity. Among other things, this nifty add-on lets you block Facebook posts which contain selected words or phrases. I added to my list the terms Republican, Democrat, Bush, Obama, conservative, liberal, progressive, GOP, Nation Magazine, and a few other terms more narrowly focused against my friends' particular manias. And voila! Almost all of the crap is gone. I log in to Facebook, and what appears on the page reads like something posted by human beings, and not by mechanical talking-point dispensers. Problem solved.

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