Saturday, April 9, 2011


Three of my several dozen Facebook "friends" are responsible for something like 95% of the posts that greet me every time I log in. One of the three is singlehandedly responsible for nearly two-thirds of the total, posting a crapflood of dozens of items every day.

And what all three of them post is largely dull, dry-as-dust political agitprop. Screaming, raging, fanatical, extremist, crazy-insane political agitprop. I'm afraid I possess neither the paranoia nor the schizophrenia to buy into such panting wild-eyed ideological posturing. My eyes glaze over. I'm like, sorry, but I've got a life to live; haven't you?

I'm not even going to say which side of political center these friends, taken severally or taken together, are on. Does it really make any difference? Would I really be willing to cut any more slack for someone with insane views simply because political dead center happens not to interpose itself between me and them? No, crazy is crazy is crazy.

I've thought of hiding all posts from these individuals, but you know, once in a great while they do post something of personal interest, something that doesn't read as though it was spat straight out of a mechanical talking-points dispenser. Or some piece of personal news that I really ought to know. In the meanwhile, I shall continue to wonder how otherwise decent and functional human beings can become so hung up on such shrieking frantic utter bilge.

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