Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unscented Candles

The other day I was in town, and I stopped off at the discount store to look for some votive candles. I'm running low. I like sometimes to burn candles at home, in a couple of little colored glass containers. But do you suppose I could find plain ordinary unscented candles?

There were many shelves filled with candles, including votive candles. But virtually all of them were scented candles. Henry Ford once said of his automobiles that you could have them in any color you wanted, as long as it was black. Well, I began to get the impression that these days you can have your candles in any scent you want, as long as it's not unscented. The only unscented candles I sighted were tea lights. Apart from that, dozens of varieties, apple cinnamon, fresh linen, you name it -- fruity scents seemed to predominate.

I mean, I do occasionally let controlled odors loose in my home, but that'll be by burning incense, thank you, and the sort of incense made in some funky little shop in a back alley in India or Nepal. Not by burning some apple cinnamon candle!

Finally, after I'd almost given up, I sighted amongst all the shelves a little box of unscented votive candles down in one corner. And snatched them up. If supply correlates with demand, I'd say I must be the only person in the county who prefers unscented candles.

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