Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bookmark Deleted

There's a particular blog by a particular left-wing blogger that I've been reading regularly for some time now. His posts are often interesting, and though I seldom agree with him, I've found him to be usually thoughtful and usually thought-provoking.

Then in recent months, his posts started becoming more and more extreme, written in more and more of a fevered tone. I wondered if he was going through trying times in his personal life, or what. Posts got even more extreme, now often with an air of intense ideological rigidity. Some of his commenters jumped ship, others jumped on the bandwagon with glee.

Now it has reached the point where this blogger and several of his commenters are openly defending Stalin, openly defending Stalinism, and as a cherry on top of the whipped cream they're arguing that naw, ol' Uncle Joe didn't really kill very many people after all.

Well, that's where I get off. I've deleted the blog from my bookmarks, and I won't be going back. Blogospheric idiots defending Stalin, to my mind that's right in the same league with skinhead Aryan-pride types who defend Hitler, who defend Nazism, and who argue that naw, the number of Jews murdered under Hitler was exaggerated by orders of magnitude.

Sites like that, whether Hitler apologists or Stalin apologists... I come away feeling dirty, defiled, like I need to scrub the filth off me with an industrial strength cleanser.

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