Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Will You Have Fries with Your Firewood?

I was in town this morning, and I happened to drive by a small local mom & pop drive-in eating place. Not part of a chain, though it reminds me of the old A&Ws or McDonald's back in the days when you ate out in your car, with a tray of food perched on your driver's side window-- or at one of the picnic tables outside-- because there warn't no seating inside the joint.

Anyhow. This place in town serves hamburgers, and fries, and pop, and hot dogs, and ice cream, and the like. And they also sell (as per the sign out front) "bags of ice" and "bags of campfire wood."

Yes, along with your homemade fries and greaseburger you can also order bags of campfire wood. If that don't just sum up this region where I live!

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