Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rubber Penny

I had a strange dream that I found a rubber penny in my change. It looked just like a regular penny, with Abe Lincoln on it, only it was made of copper-colored hard rubber.

Then I noticed something engraved around the edge of the penny. It said, YOU KNOW, YOU REALLY WANT TO BREAK THIS RUBBER CENT. Only in place of the comma there was a notch in the side of the penny, so it would be easier to break it in two.

I was about to break the rubber penny in half, when I noticed standing out on the penny an outline, as of a butterfly-shaped metal contrivance concealed inside the penny. And then I realized it was something like the mechanism of a mousetrap, hidden inside the rubber penny, so that if you broke the cent in two, the little mousetrap-like device would snap shut on your finger.

Ah, I thought to myself, almost fooled me; but not quite!

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