Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ten Things I "Learned" from the Blogosphere

Yes, those quotation marks are intentional. This could just as well be called Ten Ways the Blogosphere Tried to Pull the Wool over My Eyes:
  1. Correlation is not causation.
  2. Yeah, but the very same criticism could be made of your side.
  3. Extraordinary bla-bla requires extraordinary bla-bla-bla.
  4. Correlation is not causation.
  5. All the saints are always on the same side of center.
  6. If you're not morally perfect, then you're a hypocrite.
  7. Everyone in the conversation must always be taken with utmost seriousness; well, except for my opponents.
  8. Libertarianism is beyond question.
  9. Answer my argument, or I can make your head explode!
  10. Correlation is not causation.

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