Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night I ran into a neighbor who was a regular reader of my old blog, which had a minor following of sorts both in the blogosphere and here in my neck of meatspace. He asked me, as he occasionally does, whether I've begun blogging again.

For some reason, don't ask me why, I admitted to him that yes, within the past few months I'd begun blogging again. He's the first person to whom I've disclosed the existence of this new blog of mine. And I'm wondering now if that was a mistake.

I didn't tell him the name of the blog, or the URL, only that I was now blogging anonymously (on my old blog I openly used my real name) and that so far this new blog has been more generic and less colorful than my old blog.

I also said that finding this new blog of mine probably wouldn't be hard if a person googled for it. And that's true. I've shaded a few details here, but someone who knows me in real life might well be able to find this blog if they tried. And this neighbor is good with a computer.

It's also true that my old blog was considerably more colorful than this one. That doesn't surprise me, on my old blog I just got into a schtick of blogging on certain highly colorful topics. I could hardly blog on those same topics here without rendering the task of finding me trivial.

When I began this new blog I wondered if I might be more self-disclosing here. Though so far, with the exception of a few posts, I haven't been trending in that direction. And after what I admitted to my neighbor last night, that may turn out to be for the better.

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