Saturday, June 6, 2009


Here's a nifty little critter I just picked up. A badger, made of black marble. He's taken up residence on the end table in my living room.

These badgers are carved and hand etched by Zuni Indians. Rather cool, I dare say.


mercedes cole said...

that's very cool. x-treme actuall. no lie you're lucky to find things like have to time lol don't mind that line!

so do you like blugrass or something i couln't tell:) i love music!! who is your favorite artist on your end?

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-mercede cole

bluegrass up said...

LOL, thanks! Yeah, it's a cool badger. I like running across items like that.

Actually I know nothing about bluegrass, I just like the sound of the word. My favorite music is mostly rock, mid 60s to early 80s, from back when I was young. Lately I've been listening to the music of an obscure late 60s/early 70s group which hailed from Cleveland, Ohio, a band by the name of The Damnation of Adam Blessing. They never made it big, and I don't know why, they sure had the talent.