Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flat Tire

Over the weekend I made the long drive to visit my folks. Was planning to stay till Monday. Ended up not getting home till yesterday afternoon.

Well, I pulled into their driveway and discovered that I had a flat tire. I'd been running on it flat. No idea how long, as it hadn't felt flat. But the tire was pretty well done for.

So. Car to my dad's mechanic Monday morning, "Looks like I'll need a new pair of tires in back."

Late Monday afternoon, the word came that it needed more than just tires. Seems I'd been running on that flat for longer than I'd guessed. Lugs, stems, whatever they are... one big heavy metal pin was broken, half of it they pulled out, the other half they had to drill out.

So the Jeep wasn't ready until Tuesday morning. Then came the long drive back home, and I arrived here without further incident.

You wouldn't believe how often I have car trouble when I go to visit my folks. Just about enough that, over the years, I've paid that mechanic enough to endow a car repair stall in my name.

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