Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who I Am

Damn, I knew I couldn't stay away from blogging!

You may refer to me as Bluegrass Up. Bluegrass, for short. I dunno, I just like the sound of it. No, I know next to nothing about music, bluegrass or otherwise. Bluegrass Up: these things just come to me, as if wafting out of the ether.

Once I had a blog. It was a piddly little no-account blog, but I was also a regular commenter on several big blogs. I accumulated a crowd of regulars, a few dozen of 'em, some of them commenters and some of them silent but frequent lurkers. Overall it was a blast.

But then I drifted away from it all. These things go in phases. Writing several new posts a week came to feel like a burden. I came to have family, friends, neighbors among my readers. It cramped my style. When I quit blogging and then gradually withdrew from the blogosphere, it felt like a load lifted off my shoulders.

Still, here I am, a good while later, and I find I just can't let it go. So. Here I go again. This time no one knows who I am. I'm free to vent, free to opine at will. Free to post as often or as seldom as I please. And I'm free from the schtick which came to shape my old blog, a fairly capacious and flexible schtick, but it came to feel somewhat confining. Here I suppose I may develop a new schtick, a new set of themes, topics, and routines. Or not. We shall see.

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