Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh dear. I just read that Yahoo is pulling the plug on GeoCities. No new accounts, and some time later this year they'll be closing down the remaining GeoCities sites.

Yes, I know: animated gifs, unreadable text/background color combinations, and in general the worst web design ever. All the usual stereotypes regarding sites on GeoCities were often hideously true. Still, when it came to reliable free webhosting, there was a time in the earlier days of the Internet when GeoCities provided a valuable service. And you know what? A Google search (or an AltaVista or HotBot or Excite or Lycos search) would often lead you to a GeoCities site which had actual informative content on it.

I myself had a GeoCities site, back around the turn of the millennium. Damn, I'm rather going to miss them.

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