Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Vacation

Am on vacation, and visiting my parents. This means taking off in the Jeep and driving a good many hours, finally arriving on the outskirts of the city. I've been unwinding, resting, hoping my cell phone doesn't ring.

Yesterday I had my usual vacation headache. Was laid out flat most of the day. Now today it's go visit other relatives. Accustomed to life in deep rural America, I'm surprised to find that my city driving reflexes have returned just like that.

My parents are doing well, though they're reaching that age when various ailments begin to slow one down. The other evening my father went into some long incoherent ramble about a circus mind reading act he had once seen: it was hard to follow what he was talking about, and it took five minutes to get to where it was clear his story had anything to do with mind reading.

My mother is quite clear in the head, though I do wish she wouldn't cheerlead so (egged on by talk radio) on behalf of waterboarding. Sorry, I've considered myself some kind of conservative all my life, but at present I'm thoroughly disgusted with Bush and the GOP. Disgusted with them, and close to frightened of Obama and the Dems. In these latter days it seems each party is honing and perfecting its own brand of ruinous wastrel soft authoritarianism.

Well, in the meanwhile I'm on vacation for the next several days. May as well unwind and disengage. If I can.

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