Saturday, February 20, 2010

Masonic Eye Signals

There's a friend of mine who has a mannerism that drives me nuts. Whenever he's talking, he'll punctuate a sentence by making eye contact with me. You know, making significant, knowing eye contact with me. As if, just you and me in on the secret together. As if sending a secret signal that I'm supposed to acknowledge and reciprocate, a private visual handshake, almost like a Masonic eye signal.

And it wouldn't be so bad, I mean, it would almost be clever of him if he did it every once in a great while. But he doesn't. He sends me this Masonic eye signal every sentence or two. It's just all the time. And it really drives me crazy.

He's a good fellow, I've been friends with him and his wife now for many years. But I must admit, that line-of-sight due-guard of his does drive me right up the wall.

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