Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Fragments of various dreams I've been having the past few nights:
  • As if I am a priest, I am rinsing out and drinking a mixture of wine, water, and milk inside a chalice. I am wondering why a strip of fur runs down one side of the interior of the chalice: won't that soak up the wine, and defeat the purpose of rinsing it out?
  • I am sorting through stacks of uncut sheets of $2 bills, which I unwittingly purchased through eBay.
  • A contest is announced: a reward will be given to the person who turns in the last US Army canteen, which was left behind in Haiti.
  • Sitting upstairs in my house, I am overhearing some workers at the bank (which is somehow also located in my house) discussing a DVD which was produced by someone in a nearby small town, but is being offered for sale by mail order through a company over in India. "How can he offer it for sale through a company way over in India?" Meanwhile I am watching the DVD, bored out of my skull: in an endless interminable scene, a snow fort is being built in the middle of an ice pond, while people skate around and around it on the ice.

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