Sunday, January 24, 2010


Whenever I'm pretty much stuck at home due to inclement winter weather, you can pretty much bet that the first grocery item to run out will be the milk. I had enough milk for breakfast this morning; I ought to have enough for breakfast tomorrow. Beyond that, either I make the trek to town, and to the nearest source of groceries, or else I do without milk.

A minor annoyance, but when you live way out in the countryside, with town (and groceries) more than half an hour away, it's an annoyance not easily resolved in bad weather. Schools in the area closed early on Wednesday, and were closed due to weather the rest of the week. This weekend has been no better. Fortunately with the Internet I'm able to do a good portion of my work from home if need be. Not all of it, but a good portion.

Still, there's that nagging question of the milk. Like I say, when it comes to groceries the first thing to run out is usually the milk. Here's hoping the roads (including the gravel road on which I live) are passable by tomorrow.

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