Friday, January 1, 2010


The sky didn't change. The world didn't change. But the calendar did.

2010. 1/1/10. Or 01/01/10, in that hideous new style, as if we didn't have the resources to format numerals in a world of computers, something I was quite well able to do in FORTRAN way back in the 1970s.

Time was, I stayed up on New Year's Eve at least till midnight. I was never much of a party type on New Year's Eve, but I did always make it a point of pride to stay up till midnight. But I must be getting older. Last night I went to bed early, and slept soundly all night long.

Today is a holiday in my schedule, and I intend to enjoy it as such. Rather weird to think of 2010 after a decade of double-noughts, or double-naughts, or double-oughts, or double-aughts. Then again, it was weird to think of 2000 after a lifetime of nineteen-hundreds. 

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