Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Return of Rod Dreher

I'm awakened from my relatively non-blogging torpor by the news, relayed by John E. over at Alexandria, that Rod Dreher has amicably parted ways with the John Templeton Foundation, and that Rod will be returning to blogging after Labor Day.

Longtime Dreher junky that I am, this is better news than I had any reason to hope for as the Labor Day weekend draws near. Back to my daily dose of Rod Dreher! Yes!!! :-)

I also wonder if my blog, ordinarily readerless and nigh traffickless, will also see a spike in visitors this holiday weekend. Because just about the only traffic this blog has ever seen, came from several posts I made, well ranked in Google, about Rod Dreher and the mysterious circumstances under which Templeton lowered the boom on Rod's previous blogging endeavor.

Meanwhile, best wishes to Rod in his new job, and his new blogging efforts. Welcome back, sir!

UPDATE: And I see earlier today Mr. Dreher tweeted: "Today I start at The American Conservative. Blog begins at on Tues."

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