Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rusty Drainpipe Throat

Well, today my throat feels like a rusty drainpipe. My throat, and up into my nose and sinuses. Had to drive in to town early this morning -- and we got a surprise inch of snow overnight, hello -- to have blood drawn at the clinic in advance of next week's semi-annual visit to the doctor. Ran a few other errands while I was in town, then back home. And have been spending most of the day since just lying around and feeling semi-miserable. Fortunately the little work I needed to do today I could do from home, and I can afford to take tomorrow off if I really have to.

And in the meanwhile, I'm fit company for neither man nor beast. Pardon my French, but I feel like shit. What am I doing lying here? I should get up and fix myself a hot cup of beef broth.

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