Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laptop Battery

So, the new laptop battery I ordered arrived yesterday. And once again I have a laptop which will run for a convenient length of time away from an electrical outlet. Once again I can sit here early in the morning, websurfing from anywhere around the house for just as long as I please.

May I recommend Powermega in Vancouver BC to anyone who is in need of a new laptop battery? They really do go the extra mile on customer service.

And I ponder on how, back in my young adult years, the very idea of a personal computer, to say nothing of a portable laptop, would have seemed like science fiction. I haven't lived through as many changes in my life as my late grandmother, who was born 16 months after the Wright brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk; who could tell you the first time in her life she ever saw an automobile (she was already well into grade school); whose life spanned the introduction of radio and television; who never had electricity, indoor plumbing, and running water until she was well into her thirties.

I haven't lived through change like that. But I have experienced the fairly radical change which computers have brought to our everyday life. Email, websurfing, instant news cycle, online discussion forums, audio, video, downloads, items that go viral, shopping online, chat, Facebook, computer games, open source software and open source culture, a whole wide world open to individuals who are self-promoted and self-published and in touch with a broader and more variegated skein of humanity than your father ever imagined... a generation ago I could not in my wildest dreams have foreseen the world that comes to me via my handy reliable laptop computer.

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