Friday, September 10, 2010

More Crotchety

If this blog had any regular readers (which I'm pretty sure it doesn't) they would surely have noticed that my blogging has been getting more and more crotchety, with more and more of an acid edge to it, over the past month or more.

I've noticed it myself. And I'm not sure where it's coming from inside of me. I'm not feeling any more crotchety than usual. I'm not going through any more stress lately than I'm accustomed to. I'm sure people who deal with me in everyday life have been finding me to be the same laid back, mellow, easy going guy they're used to.

But there's no denying it. My blogging lately has been taking on an unwonted edge. Wish I could figure out where that's coming from, and why.

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DSL. said...

You think your blog grows crotchety - you oughta see the comments threads these last few weeks at the group-blog at which I used to be an Author (I see you dropped in this week), when not making fun of the commenters over at Dreh-Rod's former BeliefNet blogs. We've seen your crotch and raised it by several, that's not quite right...anyway, you've got nothin' on us, that's still not quite what I meant...anyway, good to see you, too, are doing your yeoman best to inject a bit o' humanity into precincts otherwise afflicted with a rancid blend of mechanical thinking and victimological entitlement, whatever the outward doctrinal allegiances of the divers antagonists.

Scott Lahti