Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shopping Trip... Not!

I've been planning a shopping trip to the city for quite a while now. Most of the winter, in fact. But somehow it never comes off. Day after day, week after week goes by, and I never get around to going.

Some clothing, some tools, and miscellaneous other supplies. Items I can't count on finding in town.

Granted, distances as they are out here, an expedition to the city and back would consume most of a day. These are the wide open spaces. Heck, even a drive in to town is more than half an hour.

At first I was kept from it by the winter weather conspiring against me, always a snowstorm any time I could free up a day in my schedule. Or my schedule itself would gang up on me. At the moment there's no snow in the forecast, and it's becoming clearer and clearer that winter has only a limited run left: highs edging above freezing, snow cover gradually shrinking. But still a shopping expedition first planned back before Christmas has yet to materialize.

Wanted to get, among many other things, some long underwear. Well, by the time I finally get around to going, I guess that's one item I won't need any longer.

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