Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tax Forms

Well, back in April I filed for an extension on my 2010 tax forms, and seeing as October 15 is rapidly looming up, I was glad I could tear myself away from my work today and find time to do my 2010 federal and state tax forms. This is one of the beauties of having a fairly flexible work schedule; I don't know quite how I would've managed it back in the days when I was punching a time clock.

It helps that I live a fairly simple life with fairly simple finances too, so that I can still manage to do my own taxes, and what's more clear them out of the way in a single manic day at my desk.

And it's a beautiful day out, shades of Indian summer, and I think I'm going to celebrate the completion of my damn tax forms by drifting up to a little crossroads community about 20 miles north of here, where there's a small restaurant that serves excellent burgers and fries.

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