Friday, July 8, 2011

TV Reality

Day before yesterday I headed in to town for some repairs on my Jeep at a car dealership.

While I was waiting in their lobby I saw some morning TV talk show, Baba Wawa and a group of airhead chicks all sitting around and discussing the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. I hardly ever watch TV, and it really is bizarre to see how dead serious they are, and how they latch onto the most vapid airhead scandal situations as if these "events" are somehow the center of the universe. "Coming up Sunday! An exclusive interview with Jaycee Dugard, how she was kidnaped at age 11 and forced to live in some weirdo's backyard for the next 18 years!" All approached from a breathless "women's perspective" in which life in the suburbs, jokes about new recipes, maudlin tears over one's kids and cute little animals, and heedless high-income consumerism are all unquestioned aspects of The Only Possible Way Of Life That Could Ever Exist.

Like I say, I hardly ever watch TV. I go weeks and even months at a time never turning the damn thing on. So when I do get a glimpse at "TV reality," it really is a jolt. There actually are people who take this circus-house-of-mirrors view of the world seriously?!

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