Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowed In

More winter weather came our way, in the form of a fairly stiff snowstorm. Right now I'm snowed in. A gravel road like ours may get plowed out in a few days, or it may not. In the meanwhile, my Jeep's got 4 wheel drive, so I could get out if I really had to, though I wouldn't want to drive very far, not unless it was a real emergency.

Fortunately I heard the forecast and ran into town a few days ago to pick up some extra supplies. So I can easily sit out these next several days. Just as well: I've got something on my chest. These past few days I've become quite familiar with wool Indian blanket, and electric heating pad on my chest, and even a hot cup of beef broth, than which there is nothing better for them bugs what gripe the chest on these snowy days.

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