Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We're now into that part of the summer which is defined by heat and humidity. Intolerable heat and humidity.

Yeah, I have air conditioning in the house, and it works, sort of. Long as I air out the house in the morning while it's cool. It won't really keep the house cool, but it will keep it from getting too intolerably warm. Though this system breaks down on a day like today when it was into the upper 70s outside already before 7:00 AM.

We're into that part of the summer where getting through the day largely means beating, or at least coping with, the heat. With soaring temperatures, and an even more soaring heat index. Yesterday I went out to the mailbox, and I remembered all over again why I've given up on my daily walks for the duration: I cannot imagine walking any distance outside beneath the heat of such a broiling, baking, burning sun.

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