Saturday, June 19, 2010

To the Dentist Again

Got two cavities filled yesterday, and I hope that completes my business with the dentist for the time being. Eh, I'm afraid I've inherited my father's bad teeth. Thank God I can afford the dental work, I know all too many older people around here, and some not so old, whose mouths are a study in gaps between their remaining teeth. And often by the time they arrive at old age, the gaps come to outnumber the teeth.

By the way, when will I get some sense in my head and switch to a local dentist? I had to take yesterday off from work, and make the long trek all the way to the city. Yes, at least I did get to see my folks, which is the only real incentive for this arrangement. But there are times, you know, when it would be nice to get an hour's dental work done without having to drive several hours there, and then several hours back after.

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