Friday, April 23, 2010


I've never been much of a one to wear sunglasses. Though I've been thinking more of my health since the events of last fall, and it looks like I'm going to be outdoors a lot this summer, if only on the road more than usual. So...

I went and got a pair of sunglasses. Ordered them online, as I do with so many of my purchases nowadays, and yes, it does help, for someone like me who lives in a remote rural location far from the madding crowd. Wait a few days, and the package showed up in my mailbox.

I got Persol sunglasses, not quite knowing what I was getting into, and I must say, I am very, very pleased with them. Only after I placed the order did I realize, googling around, about the tangled history of Persol and celebrities, Persol and Marcello Mastroianni, Persol and Steve McQueen. All I knew was, I was looking for some top quality shades, stylish if possible, and "hand made in Italy" with an old-fashioned quality you don't often see anymore sounded like the way to go.

Persol 2931S, tortoise frames, polarized brown lenses. I was surprised when I first wore them, thought it was raining up to the north of us -- nope, just polarization making that part of the sky look dark. I'd guess I've never looked through polarized lenses before.

And they fit like a dream, and they work like a dream, and if part of me thinks I'm crazy to drop money in the triple digits on a pair of sunglasses, another part of me says that quality which will last is worth it.

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