Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night I was out driving in the dark, and had to make a left turn onto a bridge. A left turn around a pickup which was sitting there at a stop sign. And all of a sudden, entering onto the bridge, thunk! My Jeep hit a pothole, so violently that I'm surprised I didn't do any permanent damage to the suspension.

Dinner at someone's house, and on the way back I paused to look when I came to the bridge. Sure enough, not exactly a pothole, but on the shoulder of the road there was a deep hole in the gravel and then the wider concrete pavement of the bridge proper. A perfect setup for a bone jarring pothole experience for anyone who rounds that corner onto the bridge after dark.

You'd think they'd at least fill the hole in? Or maybe they do, and the next rain washes it out again. At any rate, I was surprised that my Jeep was still running without mishap afterwards.

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